19 Weeks and Counting!


What a fabulous week! Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, and this year was just as good as any! Nick and I traveled to Atlanta to be with my Oma and Opa, my Aunt Molly and her family, my brothers, and my mom and her husband. My uncle, Mike, has a fantastic family who hosts Thanksgiving every year (his mother Ceci really does host upwards of 20 people most years) and it is truly one of the only holidays where more than a few of my family members get together in one place. On top of all that – the Panthers beat the Cowboys and are now 11-0 for the season, woo hoo!!!


We got to spend time with my little cousins this past week, and as if I wasn’t already excited for our little nugget to arrive… watching them laugh and play be curious was such a treat. I have so much to look forward to!! Nick and I talk all the time about how we want to raise our family, what kind of parents we will be, how we want to treat our kids and how we want our kids to treat other people. My cousins are so polite and caring, they are smart as tacks, (beating us genuinely in games like Junior Monopoly, matching memory cards, and tic tac toe) and they love being read to. But they grow up so fast!!! I feel like it was yesterday when I went to the hospital as my aunt was having Max (now 7) and I have already started cherishing every single moment I have with nugget. Who, by the way, has started moving like crazy and it is surreal!! It feels like a worm is squirming inside my stomach, ahh!! I had a root beer float last night for dessert and the sugar must have made him/her go crazy because nugget did summer salts in my belly for an hour!


Nick and I put the crib, rocker, and changing table together this weekend, and it felt like freaking Christmas morning in our house!! We have an ultrasound of nugget on Friday, and the anticipation is something serious. I want to see his/her little arms and legs and body and head and face and nose and everything there is to see while we are in there! Fingers crossed, everything will go well. I think often of how lucky and fortunate I am to have had a healthy pregnancy up to this point, and don’t pretend for one minute that I don’t understand things could go differently at any given point. I don’t need Thanksgiving to come around in order for me to express my gratitude. I am grateful for every day that I have with nug, and for my health, and for my support network.

Next week will be the half-way mark in my pregnancy. I have been working on a draft for one of these entries over the past few weeks, and I’ve decided that next week is the week I want to share it with you all! As a little teaser, I will share the title here: “Why Eating for Two has Changed My Life“. Until then, have a great week! 🙂