NC State Parks

We love the outdoors, public spaces, and most of all, our state. We hatched the idea a while back – visit all 41 of the official state parks and recreation areas of North Carolina and write about them.  Having kids put a little wrench in the plan, particularly the writing about it part – but starting in 2019, we are coming back to the plan with renewed fervor! We’ve also discovered the show NC weekend, which has inspired us to explore restaurants, breweries and activities our wonderful state has to offer during out State Park trips. We aren’t sure how long it’ll take us, but we’re determined to follow it through. Follow along with us!

Here’s a map of all NC’s state parks. We’ll update from the green drop pin to the little hiker guys as we hike them.

Also, a googlesheet, with a full list of state parks we’ll update with each visit.