About Us

We are Nick Eli Cain & Sarah Tillett Cade, a married couple living in Durham, NC. We have two kids named Harvey Eno Cain and Della Francie Cain. We enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities, sampling craft beer throughout the world (but mostly in NC), tending to our home, garden and children, but most of all each other’s company. Nick is the CFO at Merge Records, and Sarah is a social studies teacher and soccer coach at Leesville Road High School.

The primary purpose behind this website is to provide ourselves an outlet for noting and remembering the places we’ve been, adventures we’ve enjoyed, as well as the joys and sorrows we will inevitably experience together in life, especially as we begin this new journey known as “parenthood.” If others can learn from our experiences, all the better! We will often mention our friends and family as they are an important part of our life.

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