22-23 Weeks/Holiday Post!


Please excuse my bedhead and lack of a post last week – but the holidays were upon us and that brought lots of hustle, bustle, and cheer! The nugget is doing very well, we had an appointment on the 22nd and we got to hear the heartbeat, get a belly measurement, and set up my sugar glucose test for gestational diabetes next month (fingers crossed on that going well)! I feel movement every day, and it really does happen just about all day – but it is especially hefty at night. Nick loves watching the wiggles and kicks, and I love the feeling of life inside me.

On the 23rd we went to a dear friend’s wedding shower in Charlotte, and I got to see my high school friends for the first time in a while, which is always a blast. My girlfriend Jackie had a baby a few months ago, and I grilled her on all of the birth/newborn/mommy/sleep deprivation questions I could think of. Nick was in on it too, of course, and it was so good to catch up and hear how she and her sweet baby are doing. Here is a picture of me and the ladies at the party, and we are counting down until Mary Cate’s wedding in May!


We spent Christmas Eve and Day with Nick’s family in Raleigh, which is always a treat. We attended Christmas Eve service at their family’s church and then opened presents for hours on Christmas morning, a famous Cain family tradition in which everybody goes one-at-a-time and one that I have come to love enormously. After that, we traveled to Greensboro and met up with Nick’s extended family for a night, and then rounded up our holiday travels for the week with my grandparents Mawma and Pawpa. There is nothing like the holidays spent with family and friends to remind you of how much these relationships mean to you and how much family time can recharge your batteries. Overall, we had an amazing few days, and we are looking forward to our adventures next weekend as we travel to Atlanta for a very special wedding between two childhood friends of mine from Camp Mikell. 🙂


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