Week 18 Update!


Hey Gang! Please excuse my “morning hair” (that I was laughing about in the photo) and my brief post this week — I am saving up a big one for next Sunday as I recap our Thanksgiving travels and festivities. But until then – my growing bump… HOLY COW!!! I can’t believe how much difference each week makes in my size… little nugget is turning into a big nugget!

Nick and I spent the weekend putting our new kitchen/dining room floors in, and we are so extremely happy with the results. Goodbye old, nasty, white linoleum and hello new, beautiful, grey vinyl!! The feeling of fresh and new is so relieving, especially when I think about the fact that my baby will be crawling on them 🙂


There will be more next week – I promise! But until then, count your blessings and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones and friends! xo

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