Making some Moves at 16 Weeks!


Hey everybody! I chose the title for this blog post for two reasons: literally and figuratively speaking, that is. One – the nugget has started to “flutter” in my belly and it is crazy!!! I can feel him/her moving around and oh my gosh… words seriously cannot define what it feels like. Two – Nick and I made some serious moves on the nugget’s nursery! We had a great weekend with his parents, who came over to help with the task of painting the nursery, moving some furniture, and building a shed in the back yard.



Laurie and I got to tackle the painting. We chose two colors for the nursery – Daffodil Hill for the yellow accent wall, and Grey Sanctuary for the other three.  I love the way these two shades compliment each other, and there is lots of room to make them either “girly” or “boyish” when the nugget finally arrives in April. We had a great time catching up and talking about the future, and it was such a great reminder of how lucky Nick and I are for having his parents right down the road. The nugget is going to be spoiled by lots of family and friends, but we are going to have a huge amount of help from them (as much as they are willing to give) and I feel so grateful for that, as so many moms and dads do not have their parents around for the love and support we will get. This weekend was our first dose of that, because we definitely could not have done everything we did without them!


Greg and Nick tackled the shed in the backyard, which is going to be a HUGE help in storage space. We are moving everything out of our “mudroom” into the shed, and everything that was in the office (now nugget’s room) into the “mudroom”. Building this shed was a two-man task, and Nick is handy – just like his dad – which is another thing I am so grateful for! When we need things built, or projects completed around the house, Nick and/or his dad can usually do them, and I know I am lucky for this as most people have to hire help for DIY projects!

Overall, we had such a fun, productive weekend, and all of this progress helps to calm me when it comes to nugget’s arrival. Having a warm, loving feeling about our house and family helps me to settle in – nesting as they call it – and it helps me to get excited for this new adventure 🙂

More next week!

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