15 Weeks and a Great Weekend!


Nick and I had the pleasure of traveling to Georgia this weekend for a dear friend’s wedding at the summer camp where I grew up. It is always a special treat when I get to see my camp friends, but this time, it was extra special to be there with nugget for the first time.

On Friday night, there was a Halloween party, where we wore our “expecting parents” costume (shown above). We got some compliments on the shirts, which was so fun, but even more than that, we got lots of love, questions, hugs, advice, and just overall excitement from our beloved friends who are so thrilled for us to begin this new journey. It was so much more than I could have asked for throughout the entire weekend. Knowing that our nugget is already so loved and adored by some of our closest friends is such a warming feeling, and really encouraging for the two of us.

Since getting married in June, Nick and I have been to four weddings, and each time it is an incredible feeling of “renewal” as it is for most married couples at such events. Seeing my friend Whitney and her new husband Nate exchange vows invokes a memory that I will never forget, which is that of the day Nick and I pledged in front of our friends and loved ones that we would love and honor each other for all the days of our lives. With each new week of our marriage, and now journey into parenthood, I remember that promise that we made to each other, and feel so grateful for the opportunity I had to marry my best friend. 🙂

Now, if you want to “test” a marriage and/or a relationship… make a trip to IKEA (which is what we did on Sunday). I am mostly being funny, but Nick and I got slightly “testy” while shopping for some new kitchen supplies, and the baby nursery items I had set out to buy (in my mind, apparently without telling Nick). We had picked out a crib and a changing station, which I cannot WAIT to set up, but I had forgotten to mention the curtains and rug that I had found for the nursery as well. When I “surprised” Nick with the desire for these items, we had to have a brief “conference” which quickly ended in me getting what I wanted… as it always does, haha!! I am always amazed at my husband’s ability to bargain, reason, and negotiate with me… because it does help to keep our finances and budget in check. However, occasionally, there are some things that I know that I (or we) “need” and I usually tend to win those small victories! 🙂 So – stay tuned as we begin to paint the nursery and assemble our crib and various nursery items!!

I have added a “bumpie” below (sorry for the horrible quality) because Nick and I forgot our weekly belly picture due to weekend travel! Nugget is definitely showing himself/herself at 15 weeks! Until next time…


UPDATE: Here is my real 15 week picture!

IMG_2770 (1)

One thought on “15 Weeks and a Great Weekend!

  1. Brittany Funk

    Congrats! I just entered my 16th week this week and my bump is starting to make an appearance also. Isn’t it amazing that during this process you get reminded on why you married that man. Every day he surprises me more and more. Love the T-shirts btw!

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