Welcome to the 2nd Trimester!


Woo hoo!! So happy to finally say that I am 14 weeks along, and in my second trimester. What a HUGE relief. Even though I have felt pretty good about things recently, it is still a nice feeling, and I know that Nick feels the same way.

This week was super fun, because Nick and I got to go to the North Carolina State Fair on Saturday. I have never been before, and we had a blast! My favorite part was the animals, especially because there were so many babies!! The little calves and piglets were so attached to their mamas, it made me teary-eyed (probably because I’m hormonal). My second favorite part was the food. Holy crap! Such deep-fried goodness! I think nugget liked the roasted corn on the cob the best. Here is a picture of me indulging in a deep-fried Oreo and a fancy balloon hat πŸ™‚


Another interesting thing that happened at the fair had to do with a random man walking up to me, and telling me that he thought my sticker was funny. (Backstory: I had grabbed a “Future Democrat” sticker at the Democrats for NC table and stuck it on my baby bump). I laughed and told him I thought it was clever, and he asked if we knew if we were having a boy or a girl. We said no, and that we were keeping it a surprise, and he said that 7 or his 8 children had been surprises and it was incredible every single time. He also said that he and his wife were “made to” get an ultrasound the one time they knew what they were having – and then asked me where I was having the baby. I told him we were going to the Birthing Center in Chapel Hill, and he had already started nodding his head before I finished. It was like he could “smell” the natural birthing route on me, haha! He told me that all of his children had been born there and that his daughter ran the place – I happen to know who she is now! We had a great conversation and it was a wonderful, reassuring, experience that reminded me exactly why I chose to go to the birthing center in the first place.


Here is the picture of me with my sticker — but PLEASE do not be fooled by the size of my baby bump… my stomach was so full and bloated with fair food, haha!

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