33.33% Complete!


Well, we are 13 weeks in to this crazy thing called pregnancy… and so far, it’s been pretty good! The newest development on the symptom front is headaches. Which, are not that bad… but still not that great, you know? Especially because I would like to not take any medications while growing a healthy nugget!!! Otherwise, no real complaints! We got to see the nugget this week for our chromosomal abnormalities screening, and he/she was bouncing around like a jellyfish!


This is nugget at 12 weeks, 5 days old – and the arms, legs, face, and head are all there! The nose and mouth were pretty crazy to see. Throughout the duration of the ultrasound, we saw him/her wave arms, legs, and head… as well as a close up on the mouth, which looked open (crazy, right?!). His/her heart rate was a healthy 157 and the fluids, size, measurements, and overall appearance were all normal and pointed towards healthy, happy baby! I can’t express through words what a gratifying feeling that is… for the doctor to come in and say “everything is looking great, we will see you in 7 weeks” – it is such a relief and reason to rejoice.


On Saturday, Nick and I got to make a trip to Pilot Mountain, NC for a fall hike on a sunny day. We had a fantastic time, and got to see a few beautiful autumn-leaf colors. It is actually really special for us to make these trips and bring nugget along on our adventures, because it will be, and already is, very important to us to instill a love for the earth and to share our passion for nature with our children. We know nugget will thank us one day 😉


The other thing nugget will thank us for, is making him/her a Carolina Panthers fan long before he/she was born. We love Sunday football (especially when the sun is shining) and Nick even got to treat himself to a new local brewery… while I treated myself to some non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated, ginger beer! Now all we need is a Panthers win…

This week, we are going to make some real “moves” on the nursery. We have already moved some of the furniture out of the office, taken the pictures/paintings/diplomas off the walls, and then moved some of nugget’s furniture in. I am eager to pick a “theme” and get some paint on the walls… but I think a trip to Ikea has to happen first. Until next week!

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