10 Weeks… 25% Complete!

IMG_3153 (2)

It’s official… I have a little bump! I can’t suck it in anymore – and I have started to feel some coworkers’/students’ eyes on my midsection. Just a few more weeks and I can yell… YES! I’m pregnant!!

The past two weeks have been eventful! Today, my mom is coming up to visit, and we are moving furniture out of the office to make room for the nursery. My brother was nice enough to take an old couch, coffee table, and some file cabinets that we no longer need. Thanks, Zach!

On Wednesday, we had our first prenatal visit at the birthing center… and it was incredible. We had the most amazing time talking to our NP and getting to know her. The only problem… when they went to draw my blood… I passed out, hard. Which – is normal for me, I might add. But still scary and left me feeling like poop.

So, as a result, we got to get an extra ultrasound out of it!! Nick and I went over to Rex Hospital, where his mom works, and saw the nugget again. He/She was moving!! Bobbing back and forth and wiggling. It was adorable! Each time we get to peek at him/her, it fills our hearts with joy and brings us to another level of excitement we didn’t think we could possibly reach! Until next week, here are some pictures of the nugget… so much growth since 3 weeks ago!!

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (2)

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