10 Weeks… 25% Complete!

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It’s official… I have a little bump! I can’t suck it in anymore – and I have started to feel some coworkers’/students’ eyes on my midsection. Just a few more weeks and I can yell… YES! I’m pregnant!!

The past two weeks have been eventful! Today, my mom is coming up to visit, and we are moving furniture out of the office to make room for the nursery. My brother was nice enough to take an old couch, coffee table, and some file cabinets that we no longer need. Thanks, Zach!

On Wednesday, we had our first prenatal visit at the birthing center… and it was incredible. We had the most amazing time talking to our NP and getting to know her. The only problem… when they went to draw my blood… I passed out, hard. Which – is normal for me, I might add. But still scary and left me feeling like poop.

So, as a result, we got to get an extra ultrasound out of it!! Nick and I went over to Rex Hospital, where his mom works, and saw the nugget again. He/She was moving!! Bobbing back and forth and wiggling. It was adorable! Each time we get to peek at him/her, it fills our hearts with joy and brings us to another level of excitement we didn’t think we could possibly reach! Until next week, here are some pictures of the nugget… so much growth since 3 weeks ago!!

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Medoc Mountain State Park

Our quest to visit all of North Carolina’s State Parks took us to Medoc Mountain State Park this Labor Day Weekend. Neither one of us had heard of it, and we both kind of saw why once we got there. It is sort of in middle of nowhere, not near any major highways, and didn’t seem to be very popular. The only other person we saw during our time was the park ranger as we began on our hike.

There are a couple of 5 mile loops in the park and we elected to do the one that ascended Medoc “Mountain” via the Summit Loop Trail. If there was an actual summit at some point, we missed it, so certainly don’t come here expecting to see much of a view. The trails were well maintained though, and the lack of other hikers, gave it more of a secluded feel than most of the hikes we do closer to home. Guessing it’s not always like this, but on the particular day we hiked it was unbelievably humid. Also, along the trail were nickel-sized frogs and bowling-ball sized mushrooms.

Overall we enjoyed the hike, but probably not enough to rush back to this park anytime soon. Mostly because the creek was a little stagnant, and not as interesting to look at as we are used to. Our favorite part of the whole trip actually was the drive to the park, and back home, going through several small NC towns – Henderson, Warrenton, and Louisburg.

Hike Info:

  • MapMyFitness Link
  • Starting Point: Medoc Mountain State Park Office (1541 Medoc Mountain Rd Hollister, NC 27844)
  • End Point: Same
  • Length: 4.75 Miles
  • Approximate Hiking Time: 1 Hour, 45 minutes
Trail Map
View of the Trail
Bridge across the Creek

8 Weeks and 8 People Who Know!


The weeks keep rolling by, and sometimes it feels like they are flying… other times it feels like they are creeping. Some of the things that make the week creep by are my pregnancy symptoms which include nausea, congestion, sore boobs, moderate to severe back pain, and acne (so much for the pregnancy “glow”).

One of the things that helps the weeks fly by is sharing the news with loved ones. In fact, other than getting the ultrasound, this has been my favorite part. Watching each new person’s reaction is so exciting – it actually gives me an adrenaline rush right before we know we are going to do it. Watching the joy that comes over their faces is priceless, and I can only imagine that the next best thing is seeing their faces when they hold the nugget for the first time. Here is a list of my favorite reactions thus far:

  1. Ellie: we told her last Tuesday right after we toured the birthing center in Chapel Hill. She had been singing with the Lorelei’s at Sup Dog’s, and when I explained why we were late, she screamed “ARE YOU F****** SERIOUS??!! THAT TOOK NO TIME AT ALL!!!” Followed by tears of joy and lots of laughter.
  2. Michele: we facetimed my mom yesterday and I started the conversation by showing her the bookshelves that we moved out of the office to make room in the nursery. I then showed her the paint swatches we were looking at for that room. She had no idea I was about to tell her we were making it a nursery, until I panned over and showed her a shot of baby hats that Nick’s mom gave us. She freaked out and said “FLIP THE CAMERA BACK AROUND!!” When she saw my smile she knew what I was trying to tell her, and her face was priceless.
  3. Ken: I called my dad on 9/11 to tell him that I wanted him to have a safe flight home to Charlotte. I decided to slip this in there too. I said, “Daddy, just in case something goes wrong, I wanted to share some news with you… You’re going to be a Peepaw!” He said, “What?” I said, “You’re going to be a Grandpa!” He said, “Why?!” I started laughing and said, “I’m pregnant, duh!” He was silent for a few seconds as it began to click… and then said, “Cool beans!” He obviously called me back when his plane landed and the news had absorbed – he is super pumped to be Peepaw!
  4. Emma: We had been trying to facetime Emma all evening, and had to wait until she got home from a sushi dinner (I was super jealous that she could eat sushi). When we got her on the phone, we told her we had something to show her, and put the ultrasound picture up to the screen. Her mouth was wide open and she started laughing, and said something to the effect of “that was quick!” which has been the general consensus. She is definitely excited to be Aunt Em.
  5. Charlotte & Mark: we had gone over to their house to give them a quiche I made, and Charo asked if there was any juicy gossip at work. Nick said, “Well, there is one piece of gossip…” and I said, “its not gossip, its true!” Charo immediately said, “Oh my god, are you pregnant?!!” She was so sweet and offered to help watch the baby whenever we needed… as long as we waited until it was a little older and not “wibbly wobbly” anymore, haha!
  6. James & Shanna: I liked this one more because of how it happened, and the fact that Shanna jumped up and down for us. James asked me at Hopscotch when we were having kids and gave me a very “smirkish” face as he said it… and I said, “Pretty soon we think… it’s in the works” (knowing full well I would have to tell them the truth). A few minutes later I got the two of them alone and said, “the answer to the question you asked me earlier is April.” I could see James doing the math in his head, and Shanna was bouncing up and down with a huge smile on her face. It was hilarious!
  7. Katy Banks: my dear friend Katy had asked me during the first week of me being pregnant if we were pregnant yet (I had told her at Roofers that we were trying) and had to answer her question by playing it off. I decided to tell her this week, and she was hysterical over G chat. The best part was that I got to tell her that she was right the first time! She was so sweet and told me we were going to be great parents, which is such a wonderful compliment to hear, and then hearing from other dear friends Chris and Haley made my day as well.
  8. Greg & Laurie: we told them on the way to a winery (sort of unavoidable with the alcohol situation) and since we were in the car when we spilled the beans, the two of them were mostly just laughing! We had told them we were trying and the fact that we only had to try for a few weeks was the funny part. They are obviously thrilled to be grandparents.

If my list included 9 people my brothers would be on there – however they had me figured out the day I found out I was pregnant because we were all in Boone together and I wasn’t drinking. They were excited nonetheless, just more concerned with me not drinking than with me being pregnant – haha!

7 weeks, 7 things to be grateful for.


After I read last week’s post, I decided that I wanted to take a bit of a different approach to my writing this week. The past 7 days have been a whirlwind of excitement as we shared the news with a few more people, made a trip to the doctor, and made a few small “moves” on the office… because it will become the baby’s nursery. I have so many wonderful things to be grateful for, and I wanted to share them with y’all.

  1. Nick. Nick is my rock. I knew when we got married, that it was the best decision I had made in my life up to that point, but I had no idea how much my love and admiration for him would grow as we entered this journey into parenthood. He has been nothing but encouraging, curious, helpful, sweet, doting, reassuring, and loving. So far, he has struck the perfect balance between calming me down when I am being ridiculous, and empathizing with me when he knows I am scared. The only reason I feel like I can made this happen is because I have Nick, and I am forever grateful for that – I love you, poopie!
  2. Jessica. Jessica has already been bombarded with a flood of questions, and she has no idea that I am about to blow her phone up for the next 7 months… and then probably a lot more after the baby comes.  I told her that’s what she gets for becoming a midwife. She has generously answered all of my questions in stride, and even offered some more helpful advice – but only after asking if I want to hear it – which is so awesome, especially because when you tell people you’re pregnant these days, they like to share every single frightening or disgusting thing that happened to them while they were pregnant (which I swear I don’t mind, it’s just overwhelming).  I am still secretly hoping that Jessica will fly out from Seattle when the baby is on its way so that she can deliver him/her… but for now I will let her and Chelsey enjoy their trip to Burning Man 🙂
  3. Ultrasounds. Thursday started off as a normal, happy day – turned into a frightening nightmare around 12pm – and then ended in the best day I’ve had pregnant, thus far. Long story short, I saw some spotting when I went to the bathroom around lunchtime, and naturally, freaked the F**K out! I called Nick, who, like the rock that he is, found a place where I could get an ultrasound, while I was crying and hyperventilating on the other end of the phone. We went in at 4:15pm, hoping for the best, but trying to prepare for the worst. Next to the day Nick and I got married, this (the second the doctor pointed out the heartbeat) was the single-most joyous feeling of my entire life. Nick and I both started crying. Our little nugget measured 6 weeks and 4 days with a strong heartbeat of 115  and an estimated due date of April 24th. Thank you, modern technology, for instantly calming my fears.
  4. La Croix. I already knew I loved sparkling water, but I had no idea that I would crave it every second of every day while I was pregnant. I am so thirsty all the time, and La Croix never lets me down.
  5. BabyCenter.com. I have probably spent a cumulative 15 hours on this website so far. I don’t just love it for the advice, facts, and stories, but I love it for the women who post what’s new with them. I feel like I have a community, and obviously the anonymity online helps people share more than I think they would with friends or coworkers. I have joined an April 2016 Birth Group (even though I am very well aware of the fact that this nugget could hold on until May [please don’t do that, baby, I can’t wait that long to meet you] because first-time births are usually a week late) and the women with whom I can share concerns and comments are also experiencing the same exact feelings and symptoms that I am experiencing. It helps to know that I am not alone, and that I am not the only one who goes back and forth between starvation and aversion to food.
  6. Pooping. So far, I have pooped every single morning that I’ve been pregnant. I’ve heard that this might change, but for now, I will appreciate every bowel movement that I have… especially because I am not “showing” but I do have a very bloated stomach (which looks soft and puffy).
  7. Our siblings. So far, Zach, Brian, and Emma know that we are expecting. We are planning to tell Ellie on Tuesday. The 3 siblings that know have been so excited with our news. They are thrilled with the idea of being aunts and uncles, and already have some ideas as to how they are going to be the “cool” uncle or the “awesome” aunt. Nick and I have felt much closer to our siblings in these past few years than we did when we were growing up, and this new chapter in life is something we are so excited to share with them as well. It brings us a lot of joy to think about our young, hip, relatively responsible brothers and sisters having influence and impact on our child’s life. Hearing them pick out their nicknames was so cute. “Uncle Slim”, “Uncle Bean”, and “Auntie Em” will have lots to teach their niece or nephew, and we can’t wait to see those relationships grow.

Today, we are going hiking and to lunch with a dear old friend of mine (John Fallon) who is in town for a wedding. I am happy, excited, and grateful for this life and this world… and I hope that I can remind myself of the blessings we have when I am feeling anxious. Until next week!