First Time’s a Charm!


Wow! To be honest… when I bought these pregnancy tests, I thought it was kind of silly and I knew Nick would laugh at my over-eagerness. I hadn’t even “missed” a period yet.  I knew we were spending the weekend a part, and I just wanted to be sure that I had nothing to worry about (aka should I drink or not) and geez, was that a funny thought… “worry.”

I woke up and immediately opened the box because I had read that the first “morning pee” contains the most pregnancy hormones. As I am holding my pee, I opened the EPT box (the purple one) and got the stick out. While I was peeing on it I thought, “this is ridiculous… everybody knows it takes 3-6 months to get pregnant.” But, I couldn’t help that I was getting my hopes up. When I was done, I put the stick down on the sink, and I immediately knew. It had started turning blue before I even let go of it.

At that point, Nick had walked into the bathroom, and he saw the look on my face. He said, “Oh my god, what?” and I said, “I think I’m pregnant!!!” Sure enough, when he looked at the stick, and I looked again, there was a clear blue cross.  What did I do next? Well, I turned on the shower, out of habit, because I had to go to work! We were IN SHOCK!!! There is no way that we could have possibly gotten pregnant on our first try! I told Nick to go get the other pregnancy test (the pink one) and to bring me a La Croix so that I could pee again. I downed it in the shower, got out, and dried my hair.

When I was dressed and ready to go to work I said, “Ok I think I can pee again.” Nick came into the bathroom and watched me pee on the First Response test (which you aren’t supposed to use unless you’ve already “missed” your period.  When I was done, we held the stick up to the light, and the two pink lines showed up IMMEDIATELY. Nick said, “holy shit, you must really be pregnant… like REALLY pregnant!” And we both started laughing. After we hugged and kissed and freaked out and hugged and kissed again, I had to go to work. I remember thinking, “being pregnant isn’t a reason to be late…. to work.”

So, here we are. Pregnant on our first try. I am so fucking elated I could burst. I’ve already googled just about everything there is to google, and downloaded a pregnancy app (duh). It is still sinking in. How could we be so lucky? Will we continue to be lucky? Will I carry this baby to term? Will it be healthy? Will I be a good mommy? Will Nick still love me when I’m fat? (he better, or else lol)

We are going to take a picture every week to keep track of this amazing miracle I am going to grow inside of me. I can’t wait to cherish every moment of this journey, and I hope I can find the words to describe how grateful I feel for this opportunity I’ve been given.


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