Cox Mountain + Fanny’s Ford Loop – Eno River State Park

If you are only going to do one hike on the Eno River, this should be it. IMG_2957
It’s a great 4.5 mile loop showcasing some gorgeous river views, steep ridges, and the famous suspension bridge. From the Few’s Ford parking lot, start on Cox Mountain Trail, following signs to the footbridge. After crossing, take a right towards Fanny’s Ford Trail, and follow that until you hit Cox Mountain Trail, taking a right to make a full loop. You could skip the Fanny’s Ford portion to shorten the trip down by a mile, but I wouldn’t recommend it, as these are my favorite river views in the park. Definitely pack some water as the later portion of the Cox Mountain Trail passes over a surprisingly tall ridge. This is a popular trail, so expect to see people, especially the closer you are to the parking lot.

Hike Info:

  • MapMyFitness Link
  • Starting Point: Few’s Ford Picnic Area (6101 Cole Mill Road Durham, NC)
  • End Point: Same
  • Length: 4.5 Miles
  • Approximate Hiking Time: 1.5 Hours
Trail Map
Starting Point

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