Weasel Boy Brewing – Zanesville, Ohio

A family reunion brought myself, Sarah, and my parents to Cambridge, Ohio for the weekend. This is a place we had been to countless times before, and we typically engage in the same routine, visiting the same favorite spots on each visit. This visit though, we decided to venture off the beaten path a bit and check out what Southeastern Ohio offered in terms of craft beer. We found Weasel Boy Brewing, about a half hour’s drive west of where we were staying. We were quite pleased with our find!

Sarah and I ordered the flight. IMG_2926To our surprise, they didn’t ask us to choose which
beers we wanted, but rather poured all 9 beers they had on tap (Unfortunately, they were out of the Dancing Ferrett IPA). Overall the beer selection was fairly diverse and tasty. Even in the dead of summer, Sarah took to the Brown Stoat Stout. I really enjoyed the Paw Paw Pale ale, which had a distinct banana flavor too it (after a bit of googling I realized this was from the Paw Paw fruit they use in the beer).

We sat outside on the patio overlooking the river, while drinking beer and eating Pizza, enjoying the bluegrass jam session inside and felt right at home.

Brewery Info:

  • Number of Beers: 10 – (5 Year Round, 5 Seasonals)
  • Favorites: Brown Stoat Stout, Paw Paw Pale Ale
  • Prices: Decent ($4 Year Round Beers, $4.75 Seasonals)
  • Food: Yes – Pizza
River View
Stout & Paw Paw Pale

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